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Yuuhi Kurenai [userpic]
Just a few things
by Yuuhi Kurenai (miss_sassychick)
at November 11th, 2006 (08:44 pm)

current mood: calm
current song: "I Hate Everything About You"--Three Days Grace

Ok three things:

One- There is yet to be someone who shows any sign of life in this RP (unlike me who just updated her journal) So yeah......I'm starting to consider dropping (I most likely wont)

Two- I will be heard of slim to none next week due to the fact I'm going to London. Whats in London you ask? Well I don't know I just Reeeeeaaaaallllllllyyyyyy wanna go.

Three- What would you think of a baby shower for Kurenai...then that unexpected miscarriage that everyone hates because they have to return all the gifts? I think it'd be fun ^_^ (Then again I'm half in half out of my mind these days LOL JK....or am I)

And yeah......my oral crap's all done now and my teeth look great.....if you look past the braces and bite chain (yeah, one of my canine teeth is to far back......."LETS CRANK IT FORWARD!" Says the doctor. "Lets Not!" I reply)

Love you all*blows kisses*

by Hyuuga Neji (hyuuga_complex)
at November 11th, 2006 (10:35 pm)

this might sound rude and all, but i'm getting fed up with RP's that don't do anything. i know it isn't fair to say this to those who DO participate, but i don't really have time and/or patience to be part of an rp that is inactive.

i'll be dropping neji, too. ): i'm sorry ya'll.

by Hyuuga Neji (hyuuga_complex)
at November 3rd, 2006 (07:28 am)

current mood: blank

I R NOT DED! Many apologies.


Orochimaru [userpic]
by Orochimaru (rightwingsnake)
at November 1st, 2006 (03:54 pm)

I love you kids to absolute smidgens, you know that?

So you won't yell at me if I'm a little inactive for a bit? I'll still pop around, but I SERIOUSLY need to study. I've got three resits in January, and I'm bloody well not paying thirty odd quid to sit them again and find out I did better first time around. It wouldn't be as much of a problem if I didn't have to study for them on top of learning everything for my A2 (and AS History) exams in June (mainly my fault that I have so much to catch up on - I need to stop skipping lessons) and my University application (and this frickin' illness at the minute X_X).

Tobi's off in ditzy land at the minute anyway, and Oreo's up to something or other. XDDD

Yuuhi Kurenai [userpic]
How Could I forget the waiting room pictures!?
by Yuuhi Kurenai (miss_sassychick)
at October 29th, 2006 (07:45 am)

current location: Home
current mood: worried

Oh! I almost forgot. These are some RP inspired things that I drew while in the waiting room.

Itachi/Kurenai night aloneCollapse )

Itachi.....er....dressed up I guessCollapse )

Last but not least...Kurenai!Collapse )

Yuuhi Kurenai [userpic]
by Yuuhi Kurenai (miss_sassychick)
at October 28th, 2006 (10:48 pm)

current location: Home (not for long though :( )
current mood: nervous
current song: "Shake Ya Tail Feather"--Nelly


I know I've ben gone for a while but It's because I'm going through a series of corrective oral surgeries. They'll be over in about a week or two but my mouths ben seriously hurting. Thats why I've ben off and on the net. Sorry *sweat drops*

Now I will be on every once in a while, so comments will be answered. I just don't intend to sit and RP for a while because like I stated before my mouth hurts....really, really bad right now.

Wish me luck with my next surgery!

~Kurenai's RPer~

[[Edit:]] I just got home and I'm relieved to say I'm ok *does thumbs up then basically pases out* I am tierd though....and hurting. My next appointment is Thursday. Man, I'm so tierd right now. I just figured I'd keep everyone updated, so this is where you'll find it. Love you all, I'm off to sleep now *blows kisses then passes out*

うずまきナルト [userpic]
I'm back! D:
by うずまきナルト (d4773b4y0)
at October 24th, 2006 (12:31 pm)


Uhh...Yeah, about my absence. My internet was shut off for like three weeks, then when it was turned back on, I had work. Yeah, I got a job, whoo!

When I got back online my DA and e-mail were like...so fucking full.


So whatever. I need to fix up the community and stuff. I saw Kin and Sakura left, and the yeah, the other stuff.

I-I'm just glad everyone else didn't leave. ♥ I LOVE YOU GUYS.

I'll try to be around more and stuff, and fix this place up some more, and respond to everyone.

UH. And this is random, but I read chapter 328 of Naruto. That was just so fucking sad. I-I love team ten.

...Man I sound like I'm on crack. I think I've been offline too long or some shit.

Whatever, if you need to ask something or run anything by me, go ahead. I'll get back to you when I can.

Orochimaru [userpic]
by Orochimaru (rightwingsnake)
at October 21st, 2006 (05:49 pm)

Our dear Gai/Sai-mun has burned her hand badly at work and she won't be able to type for a while because of it.

Which really sucks because I wanted Sai to be the waiter on Monday...XDDD

by Hanabi (melodic_insight)
at October 17th, 2006 (07:45 pm)

So. Nobody's done anything on the 'Hinata's missing!!' front, and I'm rp-ing her sister. D'you reckon I could post to my journal that she's gone? I'll happily run this storyline, if that's okay with the rest of y'all.

Orochimaru [userpic]
Because y'all would appreciate it
by Orochimaru (rightwingsnake)
at October 11th, 2006 (11:35 pm)