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Orochimaru [userpic]
by Orochimaru (rightwingsnake)
at December 12th, 2006 (06:35 am)

current mood: anxious

I am now employed.
Why am I bleh-ing, and why am I telling you?

...I get Mondays and Thursdays off.
I'll basically never be online again. (Exaggarating much?)
Tues, Weds, Fri: 6pm - 10pm
Sat: 9/10am - 7pm
Sunday: 11am - 5pm

Online/Available times:
Monday: 5 - 11pm
Tues: 1 - 5pm
Thurs: 4 - 11pm
Satuday: Debatable, I'll see how tired I am
Sunday: 7 - 11pm
(All times in GMT)

Activity will definitely decrease for probably a couple of weeks as I'll be passed out in my bed every night I'll be unused to the routine and I have to juggle school too.
If I become too inactive, considering I play who I play, you can feel free to remove me, but PLEASE, PLEASE tell me, because I absolutely adore this roleplay and I do not want to leave unless it's absolutely necessary (this place isn't too active anyway (no offence) so it might not be an issue).
I shall apologise in advance for the fact that you'll probably see this about twenty times.